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Art Exhibition: 'Two Worlds, and the Spaces Between'

Two Worlds, and the Spaces Between

Duo Exhibition by Little Blue Moon and MaryAnn Loo


A collaboration by Singaporean emerging artists Little Blue Moon (QQ Lee) and MaryAnn Loo, exploring the dynamics of alternate and coexisting viewpoints, through their whimsical petite paintings.


"Two Worlds, and the Spaces Between" is their first duo exhibition, and a presentation of viewpoints to art forms and storytelling.


QQ creates an open-ended "Space" between the audience and her works by pairing narrative and abstract paintings. Each pair explores how formal elements of art can be contrasting, and yet harmonising. At the same time, the narratives present alternate viewpoints to our world through the eyes of small beings residing in whimsical habitats. (Instagram: @little.blue.moon)


MaryAnn explores themes of longing and separateness in her narrative watercolor paintings. Drawing from her own personal experiences and stories, her whimsical artworks toe the line between the illusory nature of romance and the truth about love and connection. (Instagram: @penguingirl_art)



Opening Night: 3rd August 2017, Thursday, 7pm


Venue: Utterly Art, 20B Mosque Street Level 3


Exhibition Dates: 3 - 20 August 2017 (by appointments)


Opening Hours: BY APPOINTMENT from Monday - Saturday till 8pm, Sunday 12pm - 530pm


(Please call Keng Hock at 6226 2605 / 9487 2006 for appointments)

Two Worlds Exhibition Poster

More About the Artists' works:


Little Blue Moon / QQ Lee

Instagram: @little.blue.moon


QQ Lee (also known as Little Blue Moon) finds the spaces between things alive and constantly changing. She presents "Two Worlds" as multiple pairs of artworks, opening up an open-ended 'Space' between the audience and her works. The pairing of narrative and abstract paintings explores how formal elements of an artwork can be contrasting, and yet harmonising. On another level, her narratives present alternate viewpoints to our world through the eyes of small beings residing in natural or imagined habitats.


QQ enjoys exploring the ever-changing moods of nature, geometry and their relationships. Moods and colours captivate her. There is a sense of enigma and inquisitiveness in her works, as if one is being invited to pause and linger in that moment.


She enjoys observing things for a long time, and appreciating the subtle nuances, which are translated into the elements in her paintings. She believes there is no one way to interpret her works. It inevitably involves the viewers' thoughts, drawing from their life experiences, and meshing it up with what she presents. She hopes that others find peace and treasures of the heart through engaging with her works.


MaryAnn Loo

Instagram: @penguingirl_art


"We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are." - Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani


For most of her life, MaryAnn Loo has dreamed of her own epic love story, rewriting and reimagining it based on her circumstances and inspired by movies, fairy tales, and romance novels - fantasy relationships that never turn out the way she wanted them to in reality.


In her latest series of narrative watercolor paintings, MaryAnn draws inspiration from her romantic experiences, and expresses them as whimsical stories of separateness, longing and connection. Through the symbolic use of natural elements, planets, and figures, MaryAnn provides a space for viewers to acknowledge their separateness from others, as well as the longing to connect and feel complete in love. At the same time, she hopes to challenge their perspective and look beyond the illusory nature of romance to embrace love and connection in their truer forms.


Thursday, 03 August, 2017

Utterly Art

20B Mosque Street Level 3
Singapore, 059500


MaryAnn Loo

Phone: 96474970
Website: Click to Visit




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