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Young Talent Programme 2016/17 Winners' Solo Exhibitions

Launching 1 September 2017, three artists from the fifth edition of the Young Talent Programme who exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Autumn edition 2016 will headline the Winners' Solo Exhibitions at ION Art gallery - Le Thuy will present 'Uninhabited', Leow Wei Li will show 'entering out, exiting in', and Tay Ining will present 'Free Ripe Food Rots Fast'.The three solo exhibitions are the result of 10 months of working alongside programme curator, Seah Tzi-Yan.

Le Thuy (Vietnam) has developed her personal narrative using her paintings as philosophical life witnesses, painting on silk, inspired by traditional Vietnamese folk narratives. The animal images in her works are personifications for the struggles faced.

Leow Wei Li (Singapore) also uses her art as an expression of her daily being by recording occurrences using sound and painting. Her installation of paintings as visual frames is combined with audio recordings of the hubbub and silence heard from her studio over a Joo Chiat street. In recreating her daily experience Leow allows visitors to examine the texture of daily life in a new light.

Tay Ining (Singapore) works with a metal iron, testing and trying it to discover the visual and tactile products of its deterioration. She presents stunning compositions derived from these studied operations of rot.

The Young Talent Programme Winners' Solo Exhibitions at ION Art will be held from 1 to 24 September 2017 with tours hosted by the artists every Saturday (2.30pm to 3.00pm) and Wednesday (9:00pm to 9:30pm), as well as artist-led workshops and talks.

Friday, 15 September, 2017

Ion Art Gallery

2 Orchard Turn
Singapore, 238801

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